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R.I.Shotokan Karate-do Shoju-kempo ryu Hombu Dojo WJKA Affilated

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Testing Infomation
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Why Teens Should Study Karate-do

The R.I.Shotokan Karate-do Humbo Dojo, Shojukempo International Hq. will grade the students on the following factors:

*Safety '

*Basic techniques' (kihon)

*Form' (kihon kata)

*Sparring' (kumite)

*Correct timing, distance and judgment'

*Mental, physical and emotional strength'

*Etiquette and Manners'

As a student progresses towards black belt, the following factors are also taken into consideration:


*Training attitude and commitment'

*Hours of training'


*Individual handicaps and limitations'