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 Here is a list of
the titles commonly given in Kempo/Kenpo by Grandmaster Robert Gelinas

 The title of
Shodai is only given in two ways. 1. Shodai is given
your chosen in heritor if you retired from Martial Arts

Shodai Soke = Founder of a system.

Nidai Soke = Commonly given to the inheritor of a

Menkyo Kaiden = Means Master Teacher/10th Dan Rank.

Menkyo Shihan/Dai Shihan = Master of Teachers.

Grandmaster = 10th Dan/Judan or a 9th Dan/Kudan.

Kyoshi = 8th Dan/Hachidan is also a Professor.

Shichidan/Nanadan = 7th Dan/Shihan is also a Master.

Rokudan = Highest Level of Renshi Rank/6th Dan

Godan = Middle Level of Renshi Ranks/5th Dan.

Yodan/Yondan = Lowest Level of Renshi Ranks/4th Dan.

Sandan = Sensei/Instructor Ranks/3rd Dan.

Nidan = Sempai/Asst. to the Sensei/Instructor.

Shodan = Shidoin/Beginner Black Belt.

Shidoin = Highest Brown Belt Level, sometimes called a
Junior Black Belt.

 Remember this always, a title and rank is
always different. Some Kur-Obis/Black achieve black
belt ranks, but never become a teacher. In another
words, they only compete and train to become better
competators. So don't give a title to those who only
compete. They only get dan ranking, never rank and a
title. A title must be earned. And remember that a
title doesn't always go with the rank. That is one of
the biggest mistakes that many Grandmasters,
Professors, Masters, Kyoshi, Renshi make. They think
that a title goes with the rank. A title must be
always earned. Just because a person earns - let a say
a Godan rank, it does not given him or her the title
of Renshi; unless they have been previously given the
title of Renshi. The title mean the level of Teaching
capabilities all around.